Heated Lines

UHPI ’s Signature Product.  Our heated sample lines are designed to provide an even, gentle heat to the emission sample being tested.  A variety of specialized heating elements are available allowing the most complete sample tube coverage possible.  That's why Unique provides the most stable temperature profile throughout the length of the line than that offered by any other heated line manufacturer.  Stainless steel end caps are standard, as are high temperature, durable polypropylene outer sleeving, although many different sleeve materials are available for a variety of applications.  Proportional air feedback is available for immediate cooling of the sample if required at the sample source. For HIGH PRESSURE LINES click here.


Heated Filters

UHPI ’s standard heated filters are based around 1.25” diameter by 7” tall, or 1.25” diameter X 2.5” tall filter elements.  These elements have a particulate efficiency of 99.9% @ 1.0 microns, and are a glass/PTFE fluorocarbon micro-fiber composite.  An extended top collar, narrow handle shaft, and maximized external surface area all aid in reducing cold spots.  The filter element is fastened to the handle for efficient extraction and replacement.  The Filters are available in either a bottom mounted or panel mounted configuration.

Heated Pumps

UHPI offers a complete range of heated head pumps for all emissions sampling needs.  Generally, the pumps used in emissions sampling are manufactured with all wetted components of stainless steel or Teflon, however UHPI has heated pump heads of many different materials for many different applications.  UHPI has developed a standard line of heated head pumps that cover different ranges likely to be encountered in any emissions lab.


Heated Sample Probes

Heated hydrocarbon sampling probes are available for all applications where extracting and heating gas, air, or emissions samples is required.  This product has been used extensively in factory stack-gas testing and exhaust manifold extractions.  Proportional air feedback is available if immediate cooling of the sample is required at the sample source.


Heated Valves and Arrays

UHPI offers a complete line of single and multi-position heated valve arrays.  Heated valve arrays are used whenever multiple sample points are required to be analyzed by a single analyzer.  Typical valve arrays utilize solenoid valves as the switching device, but virtually any valve type and actuator device may be used depending on the application.


Heated and Insulated Blankets

Heated and insulated blankets are typically used to keep an emissions sample temperature from cooling below a level that may affect proper evaluation from either ‘hang-up’ or condensation.  Blankets can be made in virtually any size and shape to ensure adequate heating of just about any component.  Heated and insulated blankets also work well in freeze protection applications, or providing heat to systems or devices that need an elevated temperature to keep a viscous media flowing.


Sample Dryers and Chillers

Sample chillers and dryers are used to remove moisture from an emissions sample to be analyzed.  This is crucial to the continued proper operation of the analyzer.  UHPI's chillers and dryers are rack mounted in a frame suitable for a 19 inch enclosure.  A peristaltic pump and condensate trap/drain are available as accessories.


Polymer Film Bags

Polymer film sample bags are available in a variety of materials, including Kynar™, Tedlar™, Tefzel™, and Capron™.  Sample bags are designed for use in gas analysis labs, emissions research facilities, on-site monitoring stations, or wherever collecting or storing a specific gas or gaseous sample is desired.  UHPI ’s patented Grid-Vac™ evacuation system facilitates the most complete evacuation of a sample bag available.  In addition to sample bags, UHPI offers large ‘Shed Bags’ for volume displacement in shed applications.


Temperature Controllers

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Temperature Controllers 

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