UHPI offers a complete Sampling System for just about any emission analyzing application.  UHPIís Front End Sampling System (FESS) maintains an emission sample's thermal integrity from the source to the analyzer.


The typical FESS is comprised of a number of heated components.  Generally, from one to up to 8 or more inlet heated lines (depending on the application) are routed to a 19 inch rack mountable roll-around cart.  The roll around cart houses a suitable heated valve array, a heated filter, a heated flowmeter/needle valve combination, and a heated head pump.  The outlet of the pump is plumbed to another heated line which conveys the sample to the emissions analyzer.  The cart may be supplied with appropriate empty rack space for an analyzer to be mounted.


Many customers have realized the cost benefit of having UHPI handle the entire heated portion of their sampling system, rather than attempt to mix and match components to make their system work.  UHPIís FESS is a simple, cost effective solution to many emissions sampling challenges.